Some of the best Passoni Nature’s references



Ash and Oak


Passoni Nature launched its new Decanter Collection on the market at the Milan Furniture Fair, as created by the Studio DINN! In addition to chairs the new line includes stools, armchairs and small service tables with a soft and welcoming design in ash and oak wood. The finishes have been obtained with a cutting-edge ecological method, using the scraps from winemaking production: grape marc.


Natural and non-toxic


Wine and wood. A perfect match, have long been synonymous with the Italian tradition, culture and character, now finds new meaning with the Decanter Collection: surprising, thanks to the curved and welcoming design of its wooden structure, but especially for its innovative staining technique, developed in collaboration with PelleVino Treatment®, obtained with the alchemic knowledge of grape marc from prestigious wines.


Design Aksu-Suardi


Taking inspiration from the idea of a geometric shape, METRIA, from the Greek word for measurement, which follows in its lines the human profile in the act of sitting down or standing up. It finds its maximum expression in the elasticity of the wood.

Metria Collection